SPECIAL REPORT from Nasser Razack, MD Neurointerventionalist Sep 22, 2011

As a neurointerventionalist I specialize in diseases that affect the brain, such as strokes, cerebral aneurysms, and Alzheimer’s disease. To keep it simple I refer to myself as a “brain plumber.”

What I do is unclog arteries for stroke victims, and I repair blood vessels for people who have suffered an aneurysm. The common thread that comprises these neurodegenerative diseases is the death of neurons without recognizable causes. These neurodegenerative diseases are all age-related, chronic, and progressive. They have no cure.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common neurodegenerative disease in the United States and is the most common form of dementia. Unfortunately, it is also progressive, fatal and has no cure. It is the fourth leading cause of death after heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

While the three top disease processes have decreased in America over the past few years, Alzheimer’s disease has increased at a rate of 45% over the same period. Furthermore, as the population of America ages, Alzheimer’s disease is expected to triple by 2050.

These neurodegenerative diseases, including stroke, have common pathways of oxidative damage and inflammation. That’s why I formulated the all natural, herbal product called NeurcuminTM, .
It is the perfect combination of natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that protect the brain by reducing free-radical damage and inflammation.

The ingredients contained in Neurcumin are not only all natural but they are more powerful than most over-the-counter or prescribed medications and have no side effects.

As the key active ingredient, I selected 1,000 mgs. of Curcumin, which has recently gained a great deal of attention from the western medical community based on its anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. One study by a group of medical researchers demonstrated curcumin to be more effective in the inhibition of beta-amyloid plaque than ibuprofen or naproxen. Human studies have demonstrated curcumin to be safe in doses up to 12 grams per day. When taken in appropriate doses, side effects are rare.

In addition to curcumin we spared no expense in creating the perfect supplement. For instance, Neurcumin has 8,334% of the recommended daily use of Vitamin B-12, 626% for Vitamin B-6, 1,334% for Vitamin E, 834% Vitamin C, and 100% for Folic Acid.

But there is more! Neurcumin contains 100 mgs. of the following:

  • CoEnzyme Q10
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Green Tea
  • Quercetin
  • Plus Bioperine® , Calcium, and Phosphorous.

That’s why I can assure you that Neurcumin is the most powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory supplement available anywhere. Nothing can compare to Neurcumin. It’s more than just our slogan. Neurcumin is optimal Neuro-Protection.

I hope you try my product. I think you will be pleased.
and if you don’t agree, we have a simple “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” refund guarantee!

Nasser Razack, M.D.