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You Are What You Eat

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                    You Are What You Eat

                         By Dr. Nasser Razack

A healthy diet and lifestyle are vital to warding off a number of diseases, including heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, stroke and even Alzheimer’s disease. The food choices we make can either harm our bodies and minds or protect them. Dr. Nasser Razack, a Neurointerventional Radiologist, says the expression “you are what you eat” applies more to the brain than to any other organ.

“When we talk about what to eat to protect our brains and bodies, we want to focus on eating foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories, meaning fruits and vegetables, and we should have nine servings of them per day,” Dr. Razack explains. “Fruits and vegetables have magical compounds in them called polyphenols, which are proven to reduce the risk of certain diseases. So, by eating non-processed foods, we’re protecting our bodies and our brains.”

Dr. Razack says that eating processed foods that are high calories and low in nutrients starves our bodies and promotes disease.

                   Food and the Brain

“I advise people to eat like a caveman,” he says. “The hunter/gatherers didn’t eat processed food or drink soda. They didn’t really eat meat every day either. If you are going to eat meat, then eat lean meat in moderation or choose fish, which is really the best choice because of the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids in cold-water fish. If someone wants to go the vegan route, then I recommend supplementing the diet with two teaspoons of Carlson’s fish oil every day.”

According to Dr. Razack, an ideal diet should not include bread, pasta or many other carbohydrates.

“Less than 1 percent of the caveman’s diet was carbs,” he says. “Waterproof carbs should be the only carbs you eat. For example, if you took a potato and put it in water, you could still eat it. If you did that with a loaf of bread, you wouldn’t eat it. Remember, the less processing, the better. For example, unprocessed brown rice is a better choice than processed white rice.”

Dr. Razack says poor food choices negatively impact our bodies and minds because they cause us to gain weight, often around our mid-section.

“The body fat we gain is a large endocrine organ that produces inflammatory hormones that can kill brain cells,” he explains. “Feed your body and brain by choosing the healthiest food possible, and do all you can to avoid serious illnesses, diseases and death.”

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Brain health and well-being among benefits of Neurcumin

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Stroke Prevention

You may take all sorts of “healthy” supplements on a daily basis, some to help with memory or as a brain booster, others to boost your immune system, or perhaps some to support brain health. There can be problems with taking so many pills. In addition to the fact that some people find it difficult to swallow so many pills, it might be that by taking so many different supplements, you could be duplicating some ingredients unnecessarily.

Because Neurcumin is power packed with so many ingredients, you can obtain your daily requirement for many of the vitamins and minerals your body needs in one supplement. For instance, in one daily dosage of Neurcumin you get over 8,000% of the recommended daily requirement of Vitamin B12, 1,334% of Vitamin E, and over 800% for Vitamin C! But Neurcumin also contains other powerful ingredients, such as Curcumin and CoEnzyme Q10, that are proven antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that reduce the numbers of free radicals in your body and give your immune system a much needed boost.

Having a stronger immune system will not only help with how effectively you fight off illnesses, it will improve how you feel and give you a noticeable increase in the level of energy you experience. How you feel physically will also affect how efficiently your brain performs. You will sleep more soundly and be able to deal with everyday problems much more successfully. As a Brain Booster, Neurcumin helps boost your brain power by opening up the thousands of tiny capillaries that provide blood to the brain. And with the increase in blood comes a much needed increase in oxygen being supplied to the brain. Neurcumin, therefore, really is a natural brain booster!

Neurcumin also contains the natural ingredients of grape seed extract and green tea. The antioxidant abilities of grape seed extracts are twenty times greater than those of vitamin C and fifty times greater than those of vitamin E. Serving as neuroprotective agents, they not only protect blood vessels, but are also among the few dietary antioxidants that readily cross the blood-brain barrier. Grape seed extract is added for its free radical scavenging, and cholesterol-lowering abilities, which assist greatly with stroke prevention.

There are many health benefits associated with green tea, including its potential cancer-fighting properties and strong antioxidant properties that protect the body from toxic free radicals. Researchers have found that green tea is also beneficial in weight loss, heart health, and the prevention of cancer.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics of Neurcumin make it ideal for brain-health support and to keep blood vessels healthy.


Are apples the latest (oldest) superfood?

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The fact that apples are healthy probably comes as no surprise. The old proverb that states: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is one we’ve all heard and consider to be axiomatic. It is a fruit, after all.

Nature offers many delicious varieties.

Nature offers many delicious varieties.

While some fruits such as blueberries and the acai berry have suddenly become popular as “superfoods” that are credited with a wide range of health-giving properties, the utilitarian mainstay known as an “apple” has maintained its popularity through the ages. Apples are delicious and easy to eat wherever you happen to be. You can stick an apple in your pocketbook or your car’s glovebox and it will not decay in one day, as many sensitive fruits will. New studies are lately showing that the”good ole’ apple a day” could be the latest ‘superfood’ to be associated with beneficial support properties for conditions that may lead to stroke. Pears are also being re-glorified as a super-fruit. People who eat apples and pears gain beneficial protection for many bodily processes, including brain vessel health.

Strokes are one of those conditions that can be life-threatening, especially if you don’t get treatment quickly. With most medical conditions, you go to your doctor because you’re not feeling well. The doctor prescribes a medication, which you take and usually begin to feel better. Strokes however, are not so simple to treat. You cannot wait a few days to see if  symptoms clear up on their own. And suffering a stroke can be a very scary situation, especially if you are alone. Stroke often hits you suddenly, with no warning. Even if there are other people around, it might be difficult for them to identify your condition and get immediate medical attention. It is a true statement that with most diseases, “prevention is the best cure,” but it is particularly true when it comes stroke preventionespecially if it runs in the family or you have already suffered one yourself.

Dietitians tell us to eat foods of as many different colors as possible. This is because the colors of a particular food often correspond to different vitamins, minerals and other chemicals related to a healthy body. A tomato, for instance, gives us something different than a carrot or a bunch of spinach. White fruits and vegetables, such as parsnips and white peaches, have been specifically linked to providing benefits that help promote brain-vessel health. Green foods are another color that we are often told to eat everyday, such as spinach, broccoli, beans and peas.

The biggest problem is that a lot of us eat too many ‘empty calorie’ foods. These are foods high in calories but that contain few nutrients. Processed foods often contain little — if any — fruits and vegetables. Fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits are the healthiest. Many people prefer fruits and vegetables that are cooked or processed, but in many cases cooking and processing removes nutrients. The great thing about an apple is that it is delicious in its own raw state and it has a long shelf life.

Granny Smiths are tangy and make great pies.

Granny Smiths are tangy and make great pies.

An apple a day should be easy for most people to fit into their daily routine, and everyone should give it a try. Of course, there are other benefits to eating an apple, including the fiber that will help your digestion processes. If we haven’t convinced you to eat a raw apple a day, or you cannot chew an apple due to dental issues, perhaps you can enjoy apple sauce, apple pie or even an apple strudel! Although not as beneficial as a raw apple, you will still gain health benefits from certain prepared apple dishes.

Don’t forget — “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

SPECIAL REPORT from Nasser Razack, MD Neurointerventionalist

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As a neurointerventionalist I specialize in diseases that affect the brain, such as strokes, cerebral aneurysms, and Alzheimer’s disease. To keep it simple I refer to myself as a “brain plumber.”

What I do is unclog arteries for stroke victims, and I repair blood vessels for people who have suffered an aneurysm. The common thread that comprises these neurodegenerative diseases is the death of neurons without recognizable causes. These neurodegenerative diseases are all age-related, chronic, and progressive. They have no cure.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common neurodegenerative disease in the United States and is the most common form of dementia. Unfortunately, it is also progressive, fatal and has no cure. It is the fourth leading cause of death after heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

While the three top disease processes have decreased in America over the past few years, Alzheimer’s disease has increased at a rate of 45% over the same period. Furthermore, as the population of America ages, Alzheimer’s disease is expected to triple by 2050.

These neurodegenerative diseases, including stroke, have common pathways of oxidative damage and inflammation. That’s why I formulated the all natural, herbal product called NeurcuminTM, .
It is the perfect combination of natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that protect the brain by reducing free-radical damage and inflammation.

The ingredients contained in Neurcumin are not only all natural but they are more powerful than most over-the-counter or prescribed medications and have no side effects.

As the key active ingredient, I selected 1,000 mgs. of Curcumin, which has recently gained a great deal of attention from the western medical community based on its anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. One study by a group of medical researchers demonstrated curcumin to be more effective in the inhibition of beta-amyloid plaque than ibuprofen or naproxen. Human studies have demonstrated curcumin to be safe in doses up to 12 grams per day. When taken in appropriate doses, side effects are rare.

In addition to curcumin we spared no expense in creating the perfect supplement. For instance, Neurcumin has 8,334% of the recommended daily use of Vitamin B-12, 626% for Vitamin B-6, 1,334% for Vitamin E, 834% Vitamin C, and 100% for Folic Acid.

But there is more! Neurcumin contains 100 mgs. of the following:

  • CoEnzyme Q10
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Green Tea
  • Quercetin
  • Plus Bioperine® , Calcium, and Phosphorous.

That’s why I can assure you that Neurcumin is the most powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory supplement available anywhere. Nothing can compare to Neurcumin. It’s more than just our slogan. Neurcumin is optimal Neuro-Protection.

I hope you try my product. I think you will be pleased.
and if you don’t agree, we have a simple “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” refund guarantee!

Nasser Razack, M.D.